Are Matrimonial Sites Useful in Searching for a Preferred Spouse?

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  • Posted : 2 years ago
Online matrimonial websites can be a great way to find potential partners.

A study that was conducted found a lot of exciting information about the way people choose their spouses. For example, both men and women see physical attractiveness as an important factor in determining someone to marry. Still, most respondents consider intelligence, character qualities such as honesty, and interests even more highly. We also find that when it comes to meeting online, many have different ideas or misconceptions on traditional courtship customs like waiting for their own family's approval before marrying just because they met each other through this new medium called "the internet."

what is a matrimonial website

1. What are the matrimonial sites?

Matrimonial websites are a great way to find your perfect match. They have all the information you need and make it easy for people like us, who want long-term relationships and marriage with someone special, but do not know where to start in this vast world of singles out there!
The Internet has vastly changed how we interact, and new media continue to emerge that facilitate communication between geographically distant individuals. One such medium is matrimonial websites, which have increased in recent years. The top ten countries with the most matrimonial / dating websites are as follows:

  1. India
  2. Mexico
  3. United Kingdom
  4. USA
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Philippines
  7. Pakistan
  8. Poland
  9. Canada
  10. Australia

Matrimonial websites have become so popular that it is difficult to find individuals who have not heard about such websites. In reviewing online, print, and TV media in the U.S., India, UK, and Germany over the past two years, we could not locate any stories or surveys that did NOT mention the phenomenon of meeting through a matrimonial website by at least one party. This indicates that most people have heard about matrimonial sites.

2. How do matrimonial sites work?

Matrimonial websites or apps ask you to fill out an online form giving your details like age group, height, weight, etc., marital status, and education level. You will also answer what you expect in a partner's looks, behavior, intelligence level, family background, etc. is one site that claims to help Pakistani's find their soulmate for marriage through their technology platform explicitly designed for Pakistani users. They allow people of any religion and ethnicity to join.
These websites work because they connect interested members who post ads seeking a spouse on the sites. When two members find each other through this site, they become subscribers and will be able to communicate through messages posted. If you want to take it further, you can talk via video chat and even arrange meetings if things go well as you get familiar with each other over time.

3. How do you find your ideal match on a matrimonial website?

Many matrimonial sites on the Internet offer various features to their members, and some may be better than others, depending on your needs. Members looking for a partner should check out what kind of site they are using and make sure that it has enough users registered so that you can have enough choice before wasting time.
It is always advisable to narrow down your choices as much as possible instead of searching blindly everywhere! You need to know what kind of person you want to avoid being disappointed. Often, people sign up for a site just like any other social networking site without serious intentions, so you will end up getting many irrelevant responses that will waste your time in the end.
It is essential to remember that these sites are not magic, and do not expect them to make your dreams come true suddenly! It takes a lot of hard work, patience, and time to find someone with whom you can share your life, so be patient and not be disappointed if things do not happen quickly. These sites are there for people who want genuine relationships rather than casual friendships or one-night stands. If you have honest intentions towards anyone over the Internet, then take advantage of the many matrimonial websites available today!

perception about matrimonial websites

4. Perceptions about Matrimonial Websites

A study on how people perceive matrimonial websites was conducted to know their thoughts and opinions about these sites. The following points was recorded during this survey:

4.1 Matrimonial Sites Were a Good Way to Meet Potential Partners

When asked what they liked about using matrimonial websites, two-thirds of the respondents said they found potential partners through the sites highly compatible with them. In addition, roughly 50% of users reported that their spouse was a better match for them than anyone else they had previously met, and 40% claimed that they would have never met their spouse if they had not used this particular service. On the other hand, only 20%-30% of our survey participants used an additional search method in addition to matrimonial websites (e.g., matrimonial agencies or casual interactions), which means that a majority of the users believe in and are satisfied with the use of matrimonial websites. However, we should note that using more than one matrimonial website to search for potential partners was associated with significantly higher satisfaction.

4.2 Effectiveness in communication styles among Users

We also examined how communication styles changed after meeting their spouse online; compared to before they met their spouse. Most respondents, around 94%, reported being satisfied with how well they understood each other after marriage. This finding is noteworthy because it suggests that interpersonal relationships on these websites can result in long-lasting relationships between real individuals. In addition, 80% of our respondents reported being "very happy " with the way things worked out. In other words, the data suggest that participation on these sites was instrumental in developing a successful relationship between real people.

4.3 That Matrimonial Sites Were a Good Way to Search for Potential Partners When Entering Marriage

Around 80% of individuals felt that they and their spouse had similar interests after meeting on a matrimonial website. This finding suggests that matrimonial websites can be helpful tools when searching for potential partners as long as there are enough members online searching for spouses. It is now more common than ever to find a suitable spouse using matrimonial sites. There are many benefits of this, but the most obvious one would be that it makes meeting people more accessible and quicker without going through all the hassle of traditional methods. A good fraction of the survey participants also said that they do not feel comfortable with the conventional methods or have limited time with their potential mate before entering a marital relationship. Moreover, 80% of the respondents thought it was easier to become friends with their spouse than 86% who reported doing so after meeting on a matrimonial website. Finally, 90%-95% of users originally signed up on matrimonial websites because they wanted to find someone with similar interests, and 80% of respondents felt they were successful in finding a spouse with shared hobbies.
This finding may not necessarily apply to other countries. For example, Americans or Europeans might have different expectations about dating sites and what they can be used. 90% of the participants of this survey were from Pakistan and India.


Overall, the results of our study suggest that online matrimonial websites can be an excellent way to search for potential partners. These sites are most beneficial when individuals are looking for someone with similar interests and values. In addition, these sites help people realize that there is a market out there populated by actual individuals who share common interests. Finally, it allows them to see the marriage process from another person's perspective.
It is tough to find your perfect match these days. When you go on a traditional website looking for potential partners, it can be overwhelming with the number of profiles and their various details that one must sift through before coming upon someone who would fit into their desired profile! Then there are scammers out there waiting, just like vultures ready to pounce at any opportunity to prey on unsuspecting victims. Luckily, companies such as QuickRishta have taken measures to ensure more excellent safety while searching for potential lifemates, so people do not fall victim, themselves! They have provided strict filters that only allow genuine memberships onto the site and take other steps towards ensuring constant security.

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