It is common for couples to wonder why they should get ready for marriage, especially when they’re in the midst of selecting the best wedding invitation card, choosing the best wedding dress, wedding guest etiquette and so on. After all, there is more to marriage than a sparkling ring or a fancy party. There are plenty of reasons for people to get married. And the interesting part is that these reasons can vary from one person to another.

Given below are some popular reasons why people agree to marriage or consider it as an important occasion in their lives:

1. When couples declare love for each other publicly and sign the marriage license, it gives them an incredible feeling that the two of them are a part of a team for the rest of life. This feeling that they get is way beyond the one they get when they were merely living together.

2. When couples get married, a protective shell gets created around their relationship which keeps their bong strong even when there are obstacles in the road. A kind of security gets created that they’ll remain couples irrespective of what comes in their way.

3. It is not just the emotional benefits that couples get when they get married. There are several practical benefits they can look forward to. For example, should one of them end in a hospital, the partner can visit him or her anytime because they’re related. There are also other benefits that can be shared between them, like social security, healthcare, etc.

4. There are also many social expectations couples face on their way to getting married. When individuals attain marriageable age, intense peer pressure is put on them by elders, parents, other married couples, friends, relatives, and others. This pressure is something most individuals give into.

Whatever reasons you may have to get married, there is no denying the fact that marriage is an important occasion. And what better way to get started with this important occasion than selecting an ideal partner through a reliable, secure and quick matrimonial site called QuickRishta?