Love and arranged marriages are two totally different concepts that are widely practiced worldwide. However, the difference between the two forms of marriages actually indicates the choice of a person. In both kinds of marriages, there are obvious benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, concluding which of these marriage forms has an edge over the other is a debatable matter and can vary from one person to another.

In arranged marriages, for example, the groom and the bride may not get an opportunity to choose their partners. However, they may approve each other at a later stage! In modern times, this form of marriage is considered a major form anymore. There are several pros and cons you need to consider before choosing it.

Among several benefits that arranged marriages can provide you are in not having to make up your mind about the marriage itself! You’ll never be required to find that right person with who you’ll be spending the rest of your life. Just leave the decision-making process to your parents or elders and everything will be sorted out by itself. Also, this form of marriage is generally considered to be steadier. In a way, arranged marriages can be considered as a gateway to love and friendship. It is an ideal form of marriage for those that do not want to feel rejected by their guardians or parents over the partner they have chosen.

Love marriages, on the other hand, are entirely opposite in nature. It is that form of marriage in which the two lovers agree upon each other as husband and wife. Here, you’re taking important decisions of your life in your individual capacities – all for the sake of love. The trust factor between the partners in love will be there, especially when they’ve been dating each other for quite some time. Therefore, there will be a lot of understanding between the two and over a period of time; it is expected to grow further. However, there are chances that love marriages may or may not be approved by your parents or elders.

The choice, therefore, is with the individuals that are willing to commit to a long-term relationship with his/her partner. Matrimonial sites like QuickRishta are an ideal online platform for individuals that are looking for like-minded and respecting partners for life. Check it out as your life partner could just be a click away!