When you’re confronted with a question like – What to look for in your partner type? The obvious answer could be kindness, intelligence, reliability, attractiveness or sense of humor. However, irrespective of what we want to see in our partner, we actually end up having a partner that wouldn’t match the criteria we had put in place the first time. After all, life is complicated and we are never sure what sort of a ride we are going to be a part of; let alone selecting a partner type.

When you first come across your partner, the good and bad traits associated with them are hard to guess or understand. But there are certain universal traits a partner would definitely love to see in abundance in his/her partner. While no individual is perfect, there are certain qualities an ideal partner should have.

1. Openness

An ideal partner is someone that is open to your feedback. He/she should have a heart to not only change his/her behavior but also be open to hearing out what you have to say. For sustaining a relationship, it is extremely important to have communication that is honest and open.

2. Emotional Maturity

It doesn’t matter who you’re; there are certain emotional baggage or flaws you’re attached with. There is no point in looking for a partner that is perfect because no one is perfect! Ideally, you need to look for a partner that is emotionally mature. Your partner should have the ability to reflect on his/her past and evolve as per the needs presently.

3. Sensitive and Respectful

Respect is one quality every individual need to look for in a partner. When you come across an individual that lets you be who you’re, feel secure in the relationship, then you know he/she is the partner for you. Your partner should also be sensitive to your needs, viewpoints, and interests.

4. Honesty

When your partner is honest, it becomes easier to build a relationship and take it to the next level. Lying is one of the most common reasons why relationships fail. Therefore, while you’re looking for a partner, ensure this quality is found in abundance.

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