When you ask people what is the right age to get married, do not be surprised if you get varied answers. After all, it is one of those questions for which a lot of internal and external factors need to be considered before it is to be answered. When we look at this question from the bird’s eye point of view, the obvious factors that come to the fore are the individuals getting physically and emotionally mature and financially independent. However, there is more to getting married than considering these factors alone.

So when does an individual become sure he/she is ready to take the plunge into an important event of life called marriage? What are those other factors that need to be considered before you say ‘Yes’ to the partner of your life? Or is there is a particular age for a man or a woman to get settled?

Before you get started in trying to find an answer to the above questions, you need to understand what marriage is all about. If you’re able to figure this one out and feel as though you’ve ticked all the boxes why you should be getting married, then probably you’ve attained the right age to get married. It is as simple as this logic! While for some individuals, the right age to get married maybe 25, for others it could be as high as 30 and for you, it could be 28. At the end of the day, you need to understand the fact that age is just a number. You cannot be marrying by merely looking at your bodily age. Are you emotionally stable, financially independent, or do you have that craving to spend your quality time with whom you’re absolutely comfortable and happy? The right age for you to get married will be when you get assured answers for questions like these.

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